Not your everyday job: assembling a DS006 in the Scottish Highlands

DAEL Telecom UK was selected to complete fieldwork on a site with limited access in the Scottish Highlands. This site is part of the L800 infill geo coverage. Therefore a free standing 15 meter DS006 was constructed using a helicopter.

DAEL Telecom UK used a helicopter to transport the materials and place the legs of the tower, due to the remote location and limited access for larger equipment. This was carried out in collaboration with Skyhook Helicopters. Their helicopter had to flew 40 trips back and forth to site dropping off kit to build the new DS006. After that, the tower parts were assembled on the ground and also placed with the helicopter. 

DAEL Telecom UK completed every element bar the I&C, so the civil work, tower build, rigging of the antenna system, power, Vsat installation and fencing. This site in particular will give 86 Sqkm of L800 coverage. All the work was completed on time and within budget despite inclement weather conditions. 

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