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Capture the action with our sports cameras, create peace of mind with our security cameras and tell your story with our timelapse video editing installations!


Sport Cameras

Are you a sports fan who has always dreamed of capturing breathtaking moments during games at his club? Our competition cameras offer the perfect solution for recording all those exciting action moments you would like to relive.

For various parties, DAEL Connectivity installs the complete infrastructure to analyze and share the final images on various channels. Complete your sports experience with cameras along the sports fields and create lasting memories that you can enjoy again and again. Contact us today and find out how our cameras can help you capture games and even analyze them to learn from them!

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Security Cameras

Experience a sense of total peace of mind with our revolutionary security cameras! Whether you want to secure your home, office or store, our cameras offer an unparalleled level of security and surveillance. With our wide range of high-quality security cameras, you'll stay informed of what's happening around you at all times, wherever you are. At DAEL Connectivity, we take care of the complete installation from A to Z and carefully coordinate with you to determine which locations require security.


We provide a custom timelapse video editing installation for you! Whether you are a business entrepreneur looking to showcase your products, an architect looking to capture your construction project, various options are available here! With our advanced equipment, we can effortlessly create stunning timelapse videos that compress time and tell your story in a unique and immersive way. Every moment, movement and detail is captured beautifully, creating a captivating and impressive visual experience. Moreover, we offer an end-to-end service, from planning and setup to post production and the final result. We take the time to understand your needs and goals so that we can create a customized timelapse video that meets all your expectations. Our team takes care of the technical aspects so you can focus on telling your story.

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