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DAEL Connectivity specializes in providing reliable Internet and stable connections. In a short time frame, we deliver a customized solution that can be set up flexibly. Fitting within any budget.


Our internet solutions

Discover the power of the Internet through the air with DAEL Connectivity. Whether you're looking for a backup connection, lightning-fast jet connection or a reliable 4G/5G Internet connection, we offer customized Internet solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Discover now the reliability, security and efficiency of our connections wherever you are.

Jet link

The quality of fiber optics, but through the air via a private jet link. These solutions are particularly suitable for locations in outlying areas. Our connections have the same reliability and can achieve the same high speeds as fiber optics. An interesting alternative, and much faster than the current coaxial connection. In contrast to fiberglass, our solutions can be realized in the short term.


Satellite Internet is a wireless Internet connection via communications satellites, with no physical infrastructure on the ground. It provides global coverage, even in remote areas, and allows for rapid deployment, enabling immediate Internet access in emergency situations. It is the perfect solution for remote areas where other forms of Internet connection are not available.

4G/5G Internet

With a 4G/5G connection, you enjoy fast and reliable wireless Internet access with faster speeds and improved performance. With download speeds up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps, you'll experience a convenient Internet experience wherever you are. At DAEL Connectivity, we take care of the entire installation process so you can enjoy a smooth 4G/5G Internet connection effortlessly.


A point-to-point connection is a direct communication link between two specific points, without the intervention of other devices or networks. It provides a secure, reliable and efficient way to transfer data and signals and is widely used in various industries where direct and exclusive communication is essential. This is especially common in government and emergency services. All that is important here is an unobstructed view between the two locations.

Fiber optic connection

With a fiber connection, users can enjoy ultra-fast download speeds and a seamless online experience. One of the key benefits is the tremendous bandwidth. DAEL Connectivity builds or extends the in-house fiber optic connection, guides the application process and compares various providers for an optimal fiber optic Internet solution, so that you have a fully functional and ready-to-use connection on delivery day.

Private LTE

A private LTE network allows organizations to establish and manage their own wireless communications network. This results in improved performance, enhanced security and flexibility. Optimal coverage, higher data rates and full control over communications and data, which is ideal for industries such as manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. It reduces dependence on public networks and ensures reliable communications internally.

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