Discover how DAEL Connectivity takes your wireless experience to the next level and optimizes your network performance.


Our wireless services

Discover the power of advanced Internet solutions at DAEL Connectivity. From Wi-Fi analytics to GPS solutions, we offer customized solutions that put you in control of your network performance. Experience faster connections, optimal coverage and reliable connectivity for both individuals and businesses. Read on to find out how we take your wireless experience to the next level.

Wifi analysis

Our advanced Wifi analytics tool provides comprehensive insights into network performance, allowing you to identify problems and optimize wireless experiences. With our clear dashboard, you can quickly see potential problems and improve the network based on the data collected. Whether you are an individual or a business, our Wifi analysis tool is invaluable for optimizing wireless network performance and achieving reliable Internet connectivity.

Wifi survey

Get full insight into your network and ensure a reliable signal. Optimize your Wifi network with a thorough Wifi survey. Our expert technicians analyze your current network and identify weaknesses and sources of interference. With detailed assessments of signal strength, coverage and performance, we provide a customized solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Discover areas with poor coverage or weak signal thanks to our wifi survey.

Mobile indoor network

Ensure a reliable and powerful indoor mobile network with DAEL Connectivity. Our experienced team of professionals offers customized solutions to meet your specific needs, with seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. We work with various parties to guide this process and offer comprehensive post-installation support, with quick response times and efficient solutions to keep your mobile network in top condition.

Network design and planning

A well-designed network is essential for all businesses. Our professional team provides customized solutions to fit your specific needs. We develop a network plan that meets your current requirements and is scalable for the future, taking into account factors such as bandwidth, security and growth opportunities. We also understand the importance of time, so we work efficiently to deliver your project on time and without compromising on quality.

IB wave

As a business owner, you understand how crucial a reliable and efficient wireless connection is for your business. With our IB wave designs, we can help your business set up a wireless network that seamlessly fits your specific needs. Whether you want to provide a large office building with WiFi coverage in every corner, provide a shopping mall with a guest network for visitors, or equip a hotel with reliable Internet, we offer the solution.

Line of sight

At DAEL Connectivity, we understand the importance of a reliable connection for your business. Our Line of sight checks allow us to determine if there is a clear line of sight between transmitter and receiver. We use advanced tools and software to perform detailed analysis, identifying potential obstacles. We then determine optimal locations for your transmitters and receivers, ensuring maximum signal strength and reliability.

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