DAEL Group and Van Mierlo sign for the construction of DAEL's new premises

MAASDIJK - On Tuesday 29th of June 2021 construction company 'Van Mierlo Bouw & Ontwikkeling' and technical business group DAEL Group officially signed for the construction of the new business premises of DAEL Group at business park Honderdland fase II in Maasdijk.

The preparations for the construction of the premises are in full flow. This new location at businesspark Honderdland fase II will cover a gross floor area of over 26.000 m2. On Tuesday 29th of June DAEL and main contractor Van Mierlo signed the official contract. Managing director Jeroen van Leeuwen is very satisfied with this big step in the process: "During a diligent selection Van Mierlo proved to be the most suitable construction partner for our project. The fact that Van Mierlo is our neighbour makes it extra special. Previously we cooperated on excellent projects and this gives us more trust in a good result in this project."


Managing Director Willem van Mierlo: “As a Westland-based company and participant in Honderdland Development Combination we are extremely looking forward to this project. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and years of experience in non-residential construction, which founds its origin in the large-scale auction construction in the last century, we can take care of all DAEL's needs." Van Mierlo expects that the first pile will be driven in the end of 2021 and the new offices and warehouses will be operational in the end of 2022.


DAEL Group contracted Bogaerds Architecten for the design of this new business premises. The connection of the various companies and departments plays a central part in the design and classification of the building, with a lot of attention to an energetic and an ambitious atmosphere. Currently the DAEL Group is located at three locations at business park Coldenhove in Maasdijk. All companies that are part of the DAEL Group will  come together in one building.

About DAEL Group
The DAEL Group consists of multiple independently operating subsidiaries: DAEL Data & Electro, DAEL Telecom, DAEL Power, DAEL Security, DAEL Connectivity, DAEL Facilities, HNL Group and the recently acquired FW-Techniek. These companies operate on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, each within its own field of expertise. As a group of firms, the DAEL Group works daily on challenging project for prominent customers.

About Van Mierlo
Van Mierlo is a real Westland-based family company, with already the third generation in charge. The office is located in Masdijk. Together with over 100 skilled employees, co-makers and fixed partners we intensively work together to successfully conduct projects. Both from the internal development departmant as on behalf of third parties Van Mierlo realises high-quality real estate. That is why the company's principle is to realise a sustainable living environment, in which the user feels at home. The company focuses on the development and realisation of (inner-city) residential areas and on commercial and social real estate.

 About Van Mierlo

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