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Managing your climate!

A comfortable indoor climate, that is what DAEL Climate takes care of. If you are looking for heating, airconditioning, seasonal thermal energy storage (STES), ventilation systems and measurement and control techniques, you are at the right place. In short, we take care of everything related to climate.

A comfortable climate starts with a good plan. We think along and translate your requests into an installation. We map the needs and requirements and look at the possibilities together. Each situation is different and asks for a different approach. We also take your budget into account in our advice. In this way, we'll find your best solution together. Besides the management of your indoor climate, we can also help you with eletrotechnical installations and the service and maintenance of these installations. 

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Cooling, heating and ventilating

A good indoor climate is essential for a comfortable, pleasant and sustainable living and working environment. A proper climate contributes to a good health and increases the productivity. Climate installations manage the temperature, air quality and humidity. From the smallest business premises to the largest government offices, DAEL Climate takes care of the installation. And we make sure the installations stays in a top condition through service and maintenance.

As an allround installer we take care of your complete indoor climate.

Building management systems

DAEL climate delives the complete climate installation in a user-friendly manner. But we don't just install, we also assist you in the optimalisation of the installation. As a Priva service partner, one of worlds largest manufacturers, we have the in-house expertise to give you appropriate advice on building management systems.

Large and small buildings
We optimalise your installation in each situation. In this way you can easily steer and monitor the heating and cooling remotely. Individual adjustment options have been integrated, for example to give users of the different rooms the freedom to adjust their own temperature, within certain limits. 

Remote management
DAEL Climate also takes care of the optimalisation of your installation. By remotely collecting measurement data, the system immediately  observes deviant  combustion behaviour or a heat pump that malfunctions. Subsequently, we can immediately take action on the basis of clear reports. And when a failure appears in your system, DAEL Technical Management stands ready to fix this malfunction.

Airconditioning, heat pump and STES systems

BRL100 | Airconditioning systems and heat pumps
We take care of the installation of airconditioning systems and heat pumps and the service and maintenance of these systems. DAEL Climate is certified to conduct cooling technology actions during the commisioning of these systems, in accordance with guideline BRL100. Airconditioning systems and heat pumps possess fluorinated gases (refridgerants). The European legislation (BRL100) shows how to handle these gases to protect the environment.

BRL6000-21 | STES systems
We are also BRL6000-21 certified, which means we are able to install STES systems (seasonal thermal energy storage). We design, install and manage these underground thermal energy storages according to the European legislation.

DAEL Technical Management


Creating a pleasant indoor climate at a time when energy prices keep rising can be a challenge. We supply alternatives that can be interesting for heating, cooling or ventilation. We closely follow the sustainable developments. Of course we pay much attention to all relevant aspects: operational reliability, efficiency and comfort.

Sustainable solutions for business purposes
There are also plenty sustainable and eco-friendly techniques for business purposes. By making use of clear calculations we can advice you on your specific situation. Thereafter, you can confidently leave the installation and commissioning of the installations to our engineers.

Do you want to know more about sustainability within the DAEL Group? Check this link.

Specialist activities

You are an allround installer for a reason. This is why our activities include a few specialist activities; welding and ducting work and bending pipes. These specialist activities do not only require many expertise, they also require years of experience. Because we employed our own people, we can deliver added value; from assembling pipes to ducts on behalf of the air treatment. This makes DAEL Climate an installer that offers a solution to every situation.


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