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Partnerships within specialised markets

Thanks to our knowledge and experience of the rollout and maintenance of large national networks of operators, DAEL Telecom is able to apply this speed and versatility of work in cooperation with a specialised group of companies. We do this, for example, by supplying standardised products, which are effective in specific environments.

Partner in your niche market

DAEL Telecom can be a link for specialised companies in a niche market. Companies that lack the knowledge of wireless networks, the rollout of volume projects and maintaining them can count on DAEL Telecom as a reliable partner. We arrange the complete process; from the advice, design, product knowledge, calculations, up to and including the rollout and installation and the provision of maintenance to the systems.

In this way we deliver the right expertise and customisation in your sector, yet with a certain scale volume, standardisation and off-the-shelf products. By always acting in new markets, DAEL Telecom remains a sharp and active player in the market.


DAEL Telecom is known as a reliable and flexible partner. One that is able to mobilise engineers on short notice with, if necessary, the support of our subsidiaries, DAEL Power and DAEL Data & Electro.

  • AP's (WiFi)
  • Microwave links
  • (wireless) CCTV
  • Alternative internet connection
  • Netwerk monitoring
  • Advice
  • Measurements and simulations

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