DAEL Security.

A full package of systems with proven reliability

DAEL Security supplies total solutions in the field of scan and detection systems used to trace items including weapons, explosives and narcotics. DAEL Security advises on, designs, installs and maintains applications. Whenever necessary, we can bring our vast experience to task, which we have built up in close cooperation with our partners.

You can count on DAEL Security to manage your entire security policy. You can also take advantage of our service and maintenance expertise, with specialist engineers on 24/7 standby. In addition, we supply training and instruction to ensure that your employees are well-informed when it comes to using equipment.

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Luggage screening


People screening


Object screening


Freight screening


Our activities

Our activities encompass the entire sphere of our field, from consultation, engineering and project management to installation, aftersales service and training and instruction. And if you need to put temporary security measures in place, our equipment is also available on a rental basis.

  • Passenger terminals;
    Including airports, harbours and railway platforms
  • Freight and border posts;
    Including storage and transfer depots, airports, harbours and railway platforms
  • Public buildings and high-traffic sites;
    Including post rooms, courts, schools, conference centres, embassies, penitentiaries, banks and event locations


Training and instruction

Simply supplying and maintaining high-grade technology is not sufficient in order to maximise the value of security equipment. The use and correct interpretation of notifications and images finally determines the effectiveness of security systems. DAEL Security therefore provides operator training and image interpretation training related to all brands. Depending on the composition of a client’s staff complement and specific requirements, we can offer general enrolment training as well as tailor-made training programs.

We can also provide Computer Based Training (CBT), during which your staff can undergo (refresher) training courses on their computers, regardless of location. Our trainings are established in close collaboration with our suppliers, combining their technical information and DAEL’s expertise in the sector, which is approved and appreciated by our customers


For a project overview of DAEL Security's services, please refer to our project portfolio on the website.

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