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Telecom equipment

Nowadays, more and more telecom equipment is being processed in the public space. In addition to installation points on roofs and in masts, equipment is also hung in, for example, shopping streets in city centers. In addition to our telecom masts, we are also specialised in Small Cells and Microwave links.

Fixed and temporary masts

DAEL Telecom has a portfolio of fixed and mobile masts which can be used for a range of applications. A few examples of applications include: serving as a (temporary) telecoms site, securing purposes, lighting a location, several defensing purposes, and more.

Mobile towers can be deployed easily and on short notice and the fixed masts are generally placed for the long term. Because of the compact design, the masts take up relatively little space. Depending on your wishes and requirements, the most optimal mast can be placed.

Indoor solutions

DAEL Telecom offers various indoor solutions. From wireless networks to indoor LTE networks. Because of our vast experience, we are able to provide suitable solutions. Examples of services we provide:

  • Construction of WiFi networks
  • Construction of private GSM networks
  • Construction of private networks
  • Performing measurements
  • Maintaining and managing (local) networks

Product overview

Cell on Wheels (CoW)
Mobile Communications Container (MCC)
Mobile Communications Unit (MCU)

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