Frequently asked questions

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We are available on workdays between 08: 00-17: 00 via our telephone number 0174 - 52 39 21.
Can I call on DAEL for all installation projects?

Yes. Thanks to our wide sphere of activities, we remain up to date with all developments. Do you need security or network cabling? WiFi or indoor solutions? Camera systems or a fire protection system? DAEL Electro offers you a single point of contact. Do you also need airconditioning, heat and cooling systems or ventilation installation? DAEL Climate thinks along. We advise, engineer and install using our own reliable and motivated employees. We can also perform periodic or random inspections and have ample capacity, even at short notice.

Can DAEL act as the main contractor?

Yes. DAEL can offer a total solution. We are an all-round system integrator and we know the latest techniques, are experienced in the implementation of diverse systems and handle everything, from engineering to inspection and maintenance, for electrotechnical and mechanical installations. And when needed, we work together with other contractors too.

Does DAEL have the right certifications?

Yes. DAEL highly values safety. We follow our own safety guidelines but also the safety guidelines prescribed by our clients. In that context, we make use of high quality equipment, personal protection equipment and we make sure our staff have completed required courses before conducting activities. To indicate that we highly value safety, we have been certified according to various standards. 

  • VCA**
  • ISO9001
  • BRL6000
  • BRL1201
  • C02 Performance Ladder (level 5)
Do you have any open vacancies?

Yes! And at DAEL, we consider it perfectly normal to allocate plenty of responsibility from the very beginning. If you have talent and you want to develop yourself, you will receive every opportunity here. You can count on ample practical support and we contribute in the field of instruction and training. We have a pleasant and informal working atmosphere, an accessible corporate culture and great employment terms.

If you are interested in our current career opportunities in The Netherlands, please visit and check whether we have job openings which match your interests, experience and ambitions.

If you are interested in our current career opportunities in the United Kingdom, please visit

Is it true that DAEL has its own in-company training?

DAEL Talent is our company education program which prepares talented students as our Electrotechnical Engineers through our in-house vocational course which consist of a combination of working and learning.  In cooperation with the ROC Mondriaan, DAEL connects the students to the knowledge and training they need to take them to the top of the field. Our Technical Engineering courses are taught by our own experts and can be tailored to suit both individual and organisational needs. Covering a variety of subjects relevant to the current needs of their profession, they will become an invaluable component of our students' career plan. 

Interested? DAEL Talent also has its own website! Visit for more information (Dutch only).

Can I count on DAEL for (emergency) power solutions?

Yes, you can hire one of our generators on a temporary basis. The generator that you hire will always be relevant to your needs. DAEL Power has a range of available generators with a range of outputs. They can also be deployed for alternative purposes such as maintenance tasks or in case of national grid power failures. 

You can always count on us for (emergency) power solutions. For this you can contact DAEL Power on working days between 08: 00-17: 00 on 0174 - 52 39 21 and after working hours via our emergency number on +31 (0)6 01 23 45 67.

For how long can I rent the equipment?

You can rent our safety and (emergency) power devices for as short or as long as you need it. The service team will be happy to advise you on the options available. If there is a problem with the device, we are available for support. Our teams are always ready to solve your problem quickly.

Who should I contact to obtain information about press related matters?

If you have a question about press related matters, please feel free to contact our marketing & communication department. You can call our head office (0174 - 52 39 21) or send an email to

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