DAEL Security is a proud sponsor of the National BAL Seminar 2017!

DAEL Security is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the National BAL Seminar 2017! The National BAL Seminar is a non-profit seminar organised by the NTCB and created and supported by- and through the security industry. A unique event in which we will come together with Air Cargo Security specialists to meet each other and to share knowledge.

Communiqué de Presse 05-09-2017: Dael s’implante en Belgique

Maasdijk, les Pays-Bas – Dael Telecom et Dael Security ont reçu aujourd’hui les clés de la nouvelle succursale à Zaventem en Belgique. Elles fourniront les services aux client depuis ce lieu. Les locaux de l’entreprise, d’un espace d’entreposage de 350 m² et d’un espace réservé aux bureaux de 500 m², est la 6ème succursale de Dael à ouvrir ses portes.

Press release 05-09-2017: DAEL opens a new establishment in Belgium

Maasdijk - DAEL Telecom and DAEL Security have received the keys to the premises of the new joint venture in Zaventem, Belgium. From this location, they will deliver Security and Telecommunication services to clients in Belgium and Luxembourg. The property, consisting of 350m² of storage with 500m² of office, is the sixth establishment of DAEL to open its doors.

DAEL Data & Electro starts with electrical installation shopping mall Koningshoek

DAEL Data & Electro has been working on renovating the current building of Koningshoek Shopping Mall in Maassluis for more than 2,5 years now. Since December last year it is known that DAEL will also provide the electrical installation in the newly constructed facilities. On April 18, the contract between DAEL and principal contractor Van Mierlo was officially signed. The roof has now been closed and therefore work has started in the new phase.

DAEL update: rollout KPN smartmeters and new energy connections

The collaborative project between DAEL, Westland Infra and KPN for the conversion of landlord to own connections and replacement of old kWh meters for new 'smart' measuring equipment is currently terminated. A great opportunity to gain insight into this project.

Partners Tribase and DAEL Rail join forces for Fides network ProRail

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, ProRail awarded the 'Fides Work Package 3' to Tribase. Tribase was previously awarded with the 'Fides Work Pack 2'. All operations on behalf of these contracts will be carried out under the licensed agreement between Tribase and DAEL Rail.

DAEL provides its own Mercedes-Benz vans with a comfort chair

Das beste oder nichts: DAEL is going to provide all its new vans with a special driver's seat. The goal is to significantly improve the driver's seating position.

Press release 22-05-2017: Start DAEL Talent

DAEL Group will soon start a business training at its own office at Aartsdijkweg 81. This in collaboration with ROC Mondriaan; a school which offers technical education in the Hague. At DAEL Talent, students will get the chance to recieve an Collage degree in Electrical Engineering free of charge. And if they succeed, they are assured of a job at DAEL. This way, DAEL hopes to capture the imminent lack of mechanics in the region. 

CO2 Emission results 2016 - 2017

DAEL Group aims to reduce the C02 emissions of the company by 10% in 2019, with 2014 as the base year. The results of this objective are measured on a yearly base. This article contains more information about the the emission results in 2016 - 2017. Click to read more.

DAEL Data & Electro signs contract for project with Van Mierlo

Today, on the 18th of April, DAEL Data & Electro signed a subcontract for the installation of multiple electrical systems in a new shopping mall.


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