Turnkey networks

(Mobile) communication is of essential importance. It demands networks which are comprised of the latest technology. This does not only apply to current networks, but especially to those of the future. Ask the DAEL Telecom experts. Turnkey installation of (mobile) networks is our expertise.

We have been working with (wireless) networks since the inception of mobile telephony. Major mobile providers and telecom-related firms call upon our expertise on a regular basis. The advantage of DAEL Telecom is that an entire project is managed under a single roof. This makes processes related to such a project more efficient, more organised and faster.

A single point of contact 

During the entire process - from consultation to delivery of your wireless network - you can count on a single point of contact. An expert point of contact. With its extensive knowledge, DAEL Telecom can advise you on infrastructure and equipment. When it comes to, for example, topics ranging from BTS cabinets to antennae, from capacity to continuity and from stability to expansion options, we know exactly what we’re talking about. We are also familiar with 3G / 4G / 4G+ telephony and, if you require indoor solutions, we would be happy to expertly advise you about what solution suits your requirements and install this solution once a decision has been made.

Reliable and flexible

A thorough site survey creates the foundation for a return on your investment. Our own engineers develop an optimal design and are closely involved with its subsequent implementation into a project. DAEL Telecom is known as a reliable and flexible partner. One that is able to mobilise engineers on short notice with, if necessary, the support of our subsidiaries, DAEL Power and DAEL Data & Electro.

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