Microwave links

Microwave links currently fulfil an important role. In some situations, a microwave link is the only feasible connection between two locations. Setup of these connections can be considered one of the specialties of DAEL Telecom.

Microwave links oftentimes form an efficient solution for a quality connection between one or multiple locations. DAEL Telecom provides this connection in operating state, incorporating all requirements which ensure a failure free connection. Included ideal positioning of dishes.  

DAEL Telecom is experienced with many types of microwave link
We are able to work with every type of microwave link; PDH, SDH, IP-based microwave, for short and long distances. We keep up with the latest developments to ensure the customer being able to choose from the latest technology. In other words, the fastest connection. 

In search of a microwave link? Then you are at the right address! DAEL Telecom can be described as a quick-witted service provider. In case of a emergency, we're on standby and ready for action. 

Examples of microwave types
Microwave links come in the form of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint. These types of microwave links allow for viewing for example video material of camerasystemens at a remote location. It is also possible to connect multiple offices or business locations with one another by means of a microwave link. By means of this connection, it is possible to exchange data and communication rapidly.

Apart from the above, microwave links can be suitable to a wide range of applications and situations. In case a microwave link is required make sure you contact DAEL Telecom.  

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