DAEL Telecom is experienced when it comes to deploying (temporary) masts at events in order to reinforce networks of mobile operators. Thousands of people get together at an event location and this puts stress on the existing mobile network. That is why mobile operators oftentimes choose to deploy additional capacity in the form of a temporary telecom site including a mast. This in order to ensure connectivity of network users. 

Aside from keeping network users connected, it is important that people are able to get in touch with one another in case of emergency. 
By deploying a (mobile) mast, telecoms equipment can be mounted at height. Aside from telecoms equipment, a mast can also be used for lighting a location or to mount a camerasystem (CCTV) to.
DAEL Telecom offers a range of products which can fulfill a role as (temporary) mast at an event location.

Available mobile masts:
- Cell on Wheels (CoW)
- Mobile Communications Container (MCC)
- Mobile Communications Unit (MCU)

Aside from these mobile masts, DAEL Telecom supplies fixed masts as well. 

Over the years, DAEL Telecom has gained experience by deploying (temporary) masts at various locations throughout The Netherlands and abroad. A list of events where (temporary) masts have been deployed:
- Orange Lelystad (2007)
- Parkpop (2007) 
- NATO Summit, Celtic Manor Resort, UK (2014)
- London Resillience, Wellington Barracks, UK (2014)
- Deployment at various KPN events (2014 / 2015)
- Deployment at various Vodafone UK events (2014 / 2015)
- Breda Fair (2014)
- Welcoming Sinterklaas Gouda (2014)
- Intents Festival (2015)
- Concert at Sea (2015)
- WiSH Outdoor (2015)
- Christmas at Elburg (2015)
The events listed above are examples. Aside from these events, more (temporary) masts have been deployed

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