DAEL Telecom

We strive to provide efficient, reliable and affordable telecoms solutions to businesses across The Netherlands and the UK. We are dedicated to provide you with high-quality telecom solutions that won't let you down.


All knowledge available in-house

We have all the essential knowledge available in-house, just as the facilities necessary to construct mobile transmission masts and the ability to conduct our own measurements with certified measuring equipment. As a result, we can provide tailor-made answers and we can fully guarantee the quality, regardless of time or location.

As a contractor, we provide a variety of services, ranging from the installation of turnkey networks to maintenance and 24/7 emergency repair, and from microwave links to temporary mobile telephony solutions. We have been active in the telecom sector from the very beginning and we closely follow every innovation that comes along. 

Telecom experts from the very beginning

We have been working with (wireless) networks since the inception of mobile telephony. Major mobile providers and telecom-related firms call upon our expertise on a regular basis. The advantage of DAEL Telecom is that an entire project is managed under a single roof. This makes processes related to such a project more efficient, more organised and faster.

DAEL Telecom has a 24/7 available maintenance service. This service allows for deployment of engineers throughout The Netherlands for first-line maintenance or in case problems arise. We are available for all Service Level Agreements related to radio and transmission networks.


DAEL Telecom highly values safety. We follow our own safety guidelines but also the safety guidelines prescribed by our clients. In that context, we make use of high quality working equipment, personal protection equipment and we always make sure our staff has completed required courses before conducting activities. To indicate that we highly value safety, we have been certified according to various standards. 



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