DAEL Data & Electro.

System integrator that offers added value

When you call on DAEL Data & Electro, you involve more than simply an electrical systems installation company. We are an all-round system integrator. We know the latest techniques, are experienced in the implementation of diverse systems and handle everything, from engineering to inspection and maintenance.

For all electrical projects

You can involve DAEL Data & Electro in a range of tasks and projects. We take responsibility for installing entire electrical systems in offices and company premises, from consultation right through to maintenance.  We are a true electrical systems contractor that picks up on new innovations and quickly implements them if they prove to be reliable and feasible.

DAEL Data & Electro will accurately determine whether the technology at your premises is still reliable. We are authorised to perform inspections not only in accordance with inspection criteria, but also on a periodic basis according to NEN 3140 and NEN 1010 directives. These are directives that fire damage insurers and health and safety service providers often insist on.

Persistence included

You can involve DAEL Data & Electro in a range of tasks and projects. Thanks to our wide sphere of activities, we remain up to date with all developments. There are no systems that we do not know, and no brand that we have never used. As a result, we can supply tailor-made solutions that focus on quality. An overview of our various services;

  • Electronic and lighting installations;
  • Emergency power supply;
  • Fire and camera installations;
  • Camera and access systems;
  • WiFi and indoor solutions;
  • Inspections and maintenance;
  • Installation design and advice.


For a project overview of DAEL Data & Electro's services, please refer to our project portfolio on the website.

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