Power supply Center Parcs


Power supply Center Parcs 

DAEL subsidiary

DAEL Power


Center Parcs Heijderbos


November 2017


KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tele-2

Type of project

Power supply






DAEL Power focused on the realization of four energy connections for the major telecom providers in the Netherlands. The providers opt for their own connections, so that they no longer have to make use of the power supply of the building owner and ultimately costs can be saved. The Maasland Welvreugd has conducted a controlled bore of 8 meters deep and 150 meters long under the guidance of DAEL Power. In total, more than 1600 meters of cable have been installed. No less than 12,000 liters of drilling and rinsing water has been used for this work. Technicians from DAEL Power and Welvreugd worked for a total of five days.