Straight to work without waiting for utility companies

Telecom providers and developers that need quicker onsite access to gas, water and electricity can now get to work without delay. DAEL Power acts as an intermediary between utility companies and contractors. We know how to activate connections quickly and we can also be of service when it comes to emergency power facilities.

Telecom providers aiming to constructing mobile signal transmitters are dependent on the cooperation of utility companies. The same goes for developers and construction companies aiming to arrange utility connections at short notice. Concession applications take plenty of time, and it is often hard to know who to approach. In addition, utility companies take a certain amount of time after payment before they act. DAEL Power will take responsibility for the entire process, including financial arrangements with utility companies.

Utility applications under a single roof

We are familiar with gas, water and electricity suppliers and we know exactly who to approach. This means that we establish the right contacts, while you have a single point of contact. We handle all the details, from obtaining comprehensive quotes to signing the service delivery contracts. This will save your employees a lot of time, and therefore save you a lot of money. Thanks to our close relationships with DAEL Telecom and DAEL Data & Electro, we can call on extra expertise if specialist tasks must be carried out.

Keep up-to-date with the entire process with our unique app

Follow the progress of your application online and in real-time. DAEL Power has developed its own app, which maps out the entire process. Required actions and the persons responsible for them are clearly mentioned. The app will notify you once your connection has been established, and you can check this at a single glance on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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