Zero interruption thanks to your own emergency power system

Continuity is essential for every company. This means that you cannot afford to risk losing power. Will any work be possible if your computer systems unexpectedly turn off? With a DAEL Power & Electro emergency power system, you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Over the past few years, it seems that power failures have become more commonplace. No company can operate without electricity. If the power goes down, so do computer systems, lighting and access control, and your operations come to a grinding halt. This obviously affects production. Take the time to compare potential losses to the investment required for an emergency power system. The right choice should be obvious.

Standby emergency power system

DAEL Data & Electro will supply your emergency power system as complete and on standby. If an emergency strikes, you will be able to continue working without even noticing that backup facilities like UPS systems and generators have taken over all essential tasks. Work can simply carry on as normal.

UPS systems

You can count on DAEL Data & Electro to provide a reliable backup for the most critical factor affecting your company, the server room. A central UPS solution will optimally protect your company from short power failures. We have tailor-made solutions for all companies, which are geared towards requirements related to output, dirty electricity and maintenance.


And how about being prepared for longer-lasting power failures? A generator will provide you with your own power plant. Multiple versions are available that are designed to meet the electricity requirements of a range of companies.

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