Optimum security for any company

Security measures take priority in all companies. Which visitors are allowed on the work floor? And have all necessary measures been implemented in case of fire? DAEL Data & Electro will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the security levels at your company premises.

Not all visitors to your premises are welcome, and you need assurance that your valuable equipment is safe inside your building. Your premises can be secured by implementing the right security measures, starting at the entrance. Using efficient access control systems, you can easily trace random visitors, while employees are provided with tags that give them unhindered access.

CCTV and VSS camera systems

You could also choose a camera system for your company premises. DAEL Data & Electro has experience when it comes to the very latest innovations. CCTV and VSS technology will allow you to monitor all movement, whether indoor, outdoor or after dark. This monitoring can even take place online, with a clever app on your smartphone allowing real-time observation of the security around your premises.

Fire alarm systems

It may not happen often, but the consequences of fire can be severe. A fire alarm system can help to prevent fire damage. In critical areas of your premises, such as server rooms, optimum fire protection is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. Insurance companies are also setting ever-stricter fire protection level requirements. DAEL Data & Electro will arrange the turnkey installation of any imaginable systems at your premises.

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