Explanation Scope 3

Scope 3 is the  CO2-emission in the complete life cycle of all products bought, manufactured and/or sold by DAEL Group. The life cycle of this product is divided into upstream and downstream. Upstream are all activities taking place before the product ends up at DAEL and downstream after it ends up at DAEL.

Use of sold products
All products that DAEL sells and/or installs and the emission produced.

End of life
This emission is about the waste processing and the emission produced by at the sold products that are at the end of their lives. All emission produced in the processing of products that are no longer used.

This covers the distance that each employee needs to travel by car from home to the office. The total amount of emission is based on this.

All emission produced by our suppliers by delivering products to the DAEL Group.

Capital goods
For this category of emission the amount of capital goods sold by the DAEL Group is calculated. 

Transport (upstream & downstream)
All emission produced by the transport of third parties.

Waste flows
This is the emission that the DAEL Group produced while processing waste, such as wood, paper, etc.

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