Successful DAEL Talent introduction week

Maasdijk – Last Monday 2 September our third group of DAEL Talents started the first year of their work and learn program. After the selection trajectory, a total of eleven talents were chosen to participate in the educational program. They started their year with a fun and diverse introduction week. In the coming years these talents will be trained by DAEL, in cooperation with ROC Mondriaan, to become technical engineers. Coming Monday ten of these talents will start with their work and learn program within the DAEL companies and one talent will follow his trajectory at installation company Stolze.

Two years ago we started training vmbo students to become engineers at MBO level 3 and MBO level 4 by offering them an in-house working and learning program. This proved to be so successful that this year we were able to welcome a new group of eleven talents who will start as technical engineer students. In the coming years they will go through our in-house vocational course with respect to electrotechnical systems, installations and digitalisation. For one day a week they will be educated by teachers from ROC Mondriaan and our warehouse manager Leo Dekker will teach them practical skills. The rest of the week they will work with our own experts from one of the companies (Data & Electro, Power, Telecom, Security, HNL, or Stolze).

The introduction week started with a warm welcome from our managing director Jeroen van Leeuwen. This whole week revolved around meeting each other and meeting the companies, but also focused on safety. The talents already got to work with their equipment and received their WOH-certificate. This Friday the talents had a celebratory ending to a festive week with an escape room in Hook of Holland.

Study program coordinator Diana van der Kaay looks back on a successful week: “It is great to see such enthousiasm and motivation among the new talents, all with the same goal, learning and working in technology.” All talents are assigned to an engineer and they will be working at one of our subsidiaries. Coming Monday they will already start working in the field. All talents are really excited to start this year. Twan: “I am sure that I will be learning a lot in the coming years!”

About DAEL Talent
Our company education program prepares talented students to become electrotechnical engineers at MBO level 3 and MBO level 4 through our in-house vocational course which consist of a combination of working and learning. DAEL offers the talents a market-based salary and pays for their accredited vocational education. After our students complete the program, we guarantee them a job opportunity at one of our operating companies.

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