Students ISW Hoogeland back to school thanks to attentive engineers

Wednesday Afternoon, August 7th, our Data & Electro engineers were executing construction work at high school ISW Hoogeland Naaldwijk when they suddenly heard the fire alarm elsewhere in the building. Due to the summer holiday there were no other people present.

The engineers were renovating a classroom when they noticed the fire alarm. When they went to size up the situation they noticed a fire in the technical room. They immediately called the fire department and the fire could quickly be extinguished thanks to our engineers.

Damage to the school was limited, but the technical room needed some repairment. Therefore, our Data & Electro engineers were appointed for the repair work. They replaced the data installation, electrical installation and took care of the cabling work and connectors. This project took them three weeks and they were able to finish the repair work on time, so the students could start their new school year last week.