Four new security lanes put into operation at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport recently renewed its security equipment. This also means that DAEL Security takes care of the maintenance and service of four brand new security lanes. After a short test phase, this updated checkpoint could be put into operation this month.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is constantly carrying out construction and renovation work in order to continue to improve the quality, service, and safety of the airport. The four new security lanes, designed with security and convenience for passengers in mind, will be used in the coming period to screen thousands of passengers before they can set foot inside the terminal.

Greater ease of use and shorter waiting times       
The lanes are all equipped with CT scanners that show a detailed image of the contents of a bag using 3D and 2D imaging. An additional advantage: phones, laptops and small bottles of water may remain in the bag and therefore no longer need to be placed loose in the tray. This works a lot faster and therefore is much more efficient.

In addition, the scanners are equipped with new modern roller tracks, which also improve the passenger flow. As soon as a small green light lights up above one of the familiar grey trays, you can pass a passenger who is still busy filling his tray and start filling your own. In this way, the waiting time is considerably reduced.

DAEL Security has a service and maintenance agreement with various security systems at this airport and has been providing 24/7 support at Schiphol for many years now. In addition to service and maintenance, DAEL Security also installs these devices and puts them into operation before they are handed over to the end-user. In doing so, DAEL Security makes an essential contribution to the security process at Dutch airports.

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