Press release 10–09-2018: Start DAEL Talent second year

MAASDIJK – At DAEL Talent, students will get the chance to receive their vocational degree in Electrical Engineering free of charge. And if they succeed, they are assured of a job at DAEL. This week, the second year of the company education started. During a five-day festive and varied program, the students got the opportunity to get acquainted with the company and training program that awaits them.

DAEL offers our Engineering students a challenging position with a full-time employment, expert guidance and sufficient growth opportunities. In addition to a market-based salary, DAEL also pays for their accredited vocational education. We keep our entire training in-house as well. After our students complete the program, we guarantee them a job opportunity at one of our subsidiaries. After a successful first year, the popularity of DAEL Talent continued to increase. Therefore, a comprehensive selection trajectory took place during the holiday period, from which a total of nine students were selected to participate in our educational program. New this year is one of our students who is contracted at Stolze, a company which specializes in automation, lighting, irrigation technology, high-pressure fog and heating solutions within the modern horticulture market.

Introduction week 2018               
To welcome our new talents in our vocational education, the organization has planned a fun and informative program for their first week as DAEL Talents. During this five-day introductory program, the students got an introduction into the work of our subsidiaries, a ‘Challenge day’ and they got the chance to obtain their VCA and WOH certificates. This introduction week was compulsory for all first-year students of DAEL Talent, but also second-year students and our seven new trainees of DAEL Security participated in a number of activities during this week.

More about DAEL Talent             
Our educational program uses real-life examples, problems, and challenges that our colleagues encounter every day at work. The DAEL Talent training identifies the exact skills and knowledge that our students need to succeed in their jobs. By completing the vocational program they are not only ready for their career at DAEL, but it also prepares them for success in their next job.
More information about our company education program.

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