Press release 05-09-2017: DAEL opens a new establishment in Belgium

MAASDIJK – DAEL Telecom and DAEL Security have received the keys to the premises of the new joint venture in Zaventem, Belgium. From this location, they will deliver Security and Telecommunication services to clients in Belgium and Luxembourg. The property, consisting of 350m² of storage with 500m² of office, is the sixth establishment of DAEL to open its doors.

Business leaders - Jos van der Meer (DAEL Telecom) and Albert Visser (DAEL Security) who are heading up the Belgium business drive offer their comments:  Albert: "Our industry is driven by the attracting economy and structural growth of tourists and, on the other hand, the increasing terrorist threat in northwestern Europe. With DAEL Security, we are in a dynamic market and our team has already proven to be able to handle the waves. Expanding is a necessary step for us to meet all demand. For that same reason, DAEL Security already opened a base on Schiphol and an extra storage facility in the Maasdijk”.

Jos van der Meer, who has already experienced opening a new branch abroad, previously moved to Cheltenham in England for the incorporation of the UK Branch of DAEL Telecom. Although DAEL Telecom has been involved in the telecom industry for many years, he has recently witnessed a sharp and rapid positive growth. Jos: 'Collaboration is sought and found. We offer a wide range of services, and our clients are always able to find us better. With this step, we strive to serve our Benelux clients better. "

But, there is still a lot to be done. To assist with the initial kick off of the new branch, Assistant Project Manager Christelle Béquet (originally also a Française) has been appointed. In the coming period, she will be involved in the entire implementation process. Her colleagues in the Netherlands will also closly support her in this task. DAEL, in time, is planning to appoint a complete Belgian team in order to take his venture to the next level and It is estimated that DAEL Belgium will be fully operational this autumn. 

About DAEL Telecom
DAEL Telecom is one of the leading constructors in the mobile telecom industry and has become the “go to” company that all providers have relied upon in order to build, expand and maintain their networks. Dael Telecom serves all elements of the Fixed Radio Network including rooftop locations, free standing mast constructions, and core data centres. Working in close partnership, DAEL Telecom will help find the most effective solutions from a range of services including fiber optic, jet connection, WiFi, LoRa, 4G and 5G, from concept to delivery and then beyond.

About DAEL Security
DAEL Security provides total solutions for scanning and detection systems for detecting weapons, explosives and narcotics. DAEL Security advises, designs, installs and maintains systems and software applications. DAEL Security's work areas include passenger terminals at airports, port areas and train platforms and public buildings such as courts, congresses, embassies, schools, banks and penitentiary establishments.