Partners Tribase and DAEL Rail join forces for Fides network ProRail

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, ProRail awarded the 'Fides Work Package 3' to Tribase. Tribase was previously awarded with the 'Fides Work Pack 2'. All operations on behalf of these contracts will be carried out under the licensed agreement between Tribase and DAEL Rail.

Fides Work Package 3 includes the rollout for the new network which is connected to technical access points in railway stations, marshalling yards and along railroad tracks. One part of Fides Work Pack 3 consists of migrating the applications to the new Fides environment. The other part mainly consists of placing new modems, routers and network boxes. The rollout of the new network takes place in a total of 136 locations around Zwolle and Groningen. The rollout of Fides Work Package 3 is expected to start this autumn.

About the Fides network
By 2015, ProRail made the switch from the national ATM network to its own, much faster IP communications network Fides. This new Fides network now forms the basis of current ProRail networks. These networks form the heart of the connectivity services which to a large extent are “mission critical” networks within the rail sector. These include traffic control, train safety systems and the domain of travel information.