Our new company DAEL Connectivity focuses on special projects with regard to connectivity

MAASDIJK – Our DAEL Telecom colleagues mainly work for mobile operators. However, they also engage in special projects with regard to connectivity. Point-to-point networks, private LTE, mesh networks, satcom, they have everything concerning connectivity solutions. Due to the growth of the department and the need to not only offer installation and integration, but also services and products, DAEL Connectivity arose. This company combines all techniques and offers custom products and services to companies.

DAEL Telecom has already been a permanent supplier for big telecom providers, but they also install Smart Grids: installing smart camera’s for the platform VoetbalTV, building a private LTE network in Bonaire and connecting companies using terrestrial transmission. This division that focuses on these special projects will continue under the name of DAEL Connectivity. DAEL Telecom will be keeping their focus on the installation and maintenance of the mobile provider’s networks.

DAEL Connectivity is able to cleverly combine techniques and has everything to offer services that can centrally unlock and control multiple locations by making use of secured connections. Their point-to-point network can connect two locations with one another, the private LTE networks offer certainty of clear communication and their mesh networks are ideal for the communication between moving devices that need to communicate using high bandwidth. These are examples of the possibilities that assure proper, fast and reliable connectivity and they can be used in any company. All of these connectivity services are monitored 24/7 from the NOC (Network Operations Centre).

This new name focuses on organisations that offer a product of which connectivity is an essential element, but which the organisation cannot or will not focus on. This enables the customer to safely and flexibly focus on their core activities. DAEL Connectivity takes care of reliable connectivity, but due to transparency and scalability the customer still is ‘in control’.

The Connectivity team consists of (from left to right) Corné van Halteren, Benito Stijger, Raymon de Zeeuw, Jos van der Meer and Jaimy Luft. Given the growth of the team they are already looking for expansion. Are you the enthusiastic (junior) network engineer that we are looking for?  Please contact us.

Take a look at DAEL Connectivity for more information on DAEL Connectivity or contact +31 (0)85 – 079 59 00  for questions or comments.