Kick off Digital Operations Centre

DELFT - Last week DAEL attended the Digital Operations Centre's kick off. This innovative centre located in Delft is realised by a cooperation of ROC Mondriaan, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, TU Delft, Municipality Delft and several technical companies. DAEL happily contributes to this cooperation between education and business. Together we can educate students for the future and make a better match between education and industry.

Technical science rapidly develops and developments in digitalisation request employees to have this knowledge and Industry 4.0 skills. Our in-house vocational course 'DAEL Talent' educates MBO students using our own expertise. DAEL Security and DAEL Telecom already extensively make use of Industry 4.0, the digitalisation and automatisation of production processes and the communication and connection between systems. Our talents already acquire those Industry 4.0 skills and besides we want to invest in educational innovation. Therefore DAEL assists in facilitating the Digital Operations Centre on The Hague University's campus in Delft.

The Digital Operations Centre better matches education and business and not only educates students with the latest knowledge and skills , but also teachers and employees. Because of the cooperation with the business world students can work with assignments, projects and trainings in practice. Together we cooperate to educate professionals of the future.