Jeroen van Leeuwen new managing director DAEL Group

As from 1 September 2019, Jeroen van Leeuwen has been appointed as the new managing director of the DAEL Group. He then succeeds André and Klaas van der Hout who choose to pave the way for a new director after nineteen years. It is up to Van Leeuwen to further shape the growth of the DAEL Group.

Jeroen van Leeuwen brings with him 13 years of knowledge of and experience with general management, strategy development and change programs. As managing director of employment agency NL Jobs, he was responsible for the enormous growth of this company, which has five branches today. Meanwhile, he made his mark in business and within associations. ,,We are happy that Jeroen comes to strengthen the organisation with his experience and knowledge. He is able to spot opportunities and knows what it takes to successfully grow an organization, both internally and externally, " André van der Hout says.

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The reason for the appointment of Van Leeuwen is the decision of André and Klaas van der Hout to, after nineteen years of management, focus on new business opportunities. However, this does not mean that André and Klaas turn their backs at the DAEL Group. Far from it, as the brothers will remain closely involved with the DAEL Group and its subsidiaries as both owners and shareholders. ,,DAEL has not only become our company, but has also become part of our identity and is therefore inextricably linked to us. With this decision, we are able to put our focus on growth opportunities."

Van Leeuwen is excited to pick up the baton as the new managing director of DAEL Group. ,,I have spoken with a lot of people at DAEL in recent years and what strikes me is the enormous passion with which they work," says Van Leeuwen. ,, DAEL is a wonderful company with a strong brand name and solid reputation. There is a clear long-term vision and it is up to me to build on what has been achieved, to achieve further growth and to continue to innovate. ”

About DAEL Group   
In 19 years, the DAEL has developed from a two-man utility company into an international player in the field of technical services. The DAEL Group is comprised of six independently operating firms: DAEL Data & Electro, DAEL Telecom, DAEL Telecom UK, DAEL Power, DAEL Security and DAEL Rail. These are all firms which operate on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, each with a different field of expertise. DAEL not only covers a wide range of projects, but also various countries: Belgium, England, The Netherlands and Scotland.

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