Great rewards for most efficient drivers

To reduce the CO2 emission of the vehicle fleet DAEL started an internal competition called ‘Ecodrive Challenge’. Each quarter employees could earn gadgets and over the entire year they could earn individual and group prizes. There was an extra prize for the best team and best driver; a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter factory in Germany. This competition encourages the employees to drive more efficient and results in a reduction of the CO2 emission.

In the last week of 2019 the winners of the challenge were announced. The three best teams, the best driver and the quickest climber received cash prizes. Furthermore Mercedes-Benz Dealer Companies awarded a voucher for a tour in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter factory in Germany to the best team and best driver. This competition motivates employees to improve their driving ability and ensures that we achieve our sustainable ambitions.

The mobility platform ‘ULU’ keeps track of the driving ability results and offers insights into fuel consumption, velocity, driving style and CO2 emission, amongst others. This information is used to assign a score to each ride. The teams and drivers with the highest average scores of 2019 received prizes.

This internal challenge not only results in a reduction of CO2 emission, but also brings other advantages; a reduction of claims, a decrease of speeding offences, save on maintenance and insurances and an improvement of the driving style. This positive results leaded to a new edition of the Ecodrive Challenge. In this way DAEL continues improving the driving ability and hopes to continue with this CO2 reduction.

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