DAEL Telecom ramps up work during summer months in order to increase network capacity and 4G speeds

NAALDWIJK – The explosion of mobile traffic puts immense pressure on mobile networks to deliver the necessary capacity and performance. DAEL Telecom now focuses on expanding and improving the mobile network of our client in order to alleviate these capacity constraints. By placing innovative equipment during the summer months, capacity and 4G speeds in the mobile network continue to increase.

The telecommunications industry is one of the most moving and competitive markets worldwide and that’s why technological developments and changing customer needs lead to a rapid change in the telecoms sector. In the quest for substantial increases to the capacity and throughput of mobile networks, a large mobile operator is planning a major catch-up in improving mobile coverage in the Netherlands in order to satisfy demand. DAEL Telecom has been appointed to carry out a large part of the work involved in this project.

The main focus of DAEL Telecom is to specifically examine each area to see what it takes to meet the growing need. But to satisfy this demand for bandwidth is a challenge. After all, each project location is different and this makes every site a project on its own. This often requires the necessary adaptability of our mechanics and work planners.

This week, our Telecom engineers worked on the roof of the Carlton hotel in Naaldwijk. At this site,  antennas, RRUs and control cabinets have been replaced and installed to expand and strengthen the mobile network in the region. This site is part of one of 6200+ telecom sites of this mobile operator in the Netherlands. DAEL Telecom strives to have all these locations upgraded before the end of 2020.

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