DAEL Talents get a look behind the scenes at BV Betonindustrie Elshout

DRUNEN - On 21 March j.l. the DAEL Talent students have visited B.V. Betonindustrie Elshout. As part of the school subject ‘Earthing and Lightning Protection’, students were given a tour of the company and were also given an explanation of the earthing and pressing methods. The aim of the excursion is to complement students’ development in the fields of earthing and lightning protection by providing a professional look at the sheer variety of pressing devices and the challenges they each present. 

The students left early in the morning for the training in Drunen, about 90 kilometers from our office in the Maasdijk. This training was dedicated to the different pressing methods of earthing materials; the molds, cable types, codes and types of grease were discussed. This information goes beyond the standard teaching methods of regular MBO education. "We think it is important that our students receive in-depth information in addition to the regular lessons," says Joffrey Kortekaas, CEO of HNL Group (partner company of DAEL and also closely involved with DAEL Talent red.). After participating in the training, each student was awarded a Compression technology Earthing & Lightning Protection certificate.

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