DAEL Security successfully installs eight new security lanes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

SCHIPHOL – Until a year ago there was only a parking space where there is now a brand new security filter for Dep. 1. Commissioned by Schiphol Group, DAEL Security has deployed eight complete security lanes here. After a brief testing phase, the new checkpoint was put into operation this week.

Schiphol carries out construction and renovation work to continue to improve the quality, service and safety of the airport and uses these lanes as their departure 1 security filter is moved and expanded. The new checkpoint lanes, designed with passenger security and convenience in mind, will be used to screen millions of travelers before they enter the Schiphol terminal.

The lanes are equipped with L3 ClearScan® hand luggage screener and the ProVision® image-free security scanner for people. These are machines that process thousands of scans per day, and therefore need to be revised regularly. In addition to putting the machines into operation, our Schiphol team is ready 24 hours a day to repair problems and perform preventive maintenance.

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