DAEL Security installs 21 new security lanes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

SCHIPHOL – Currently, Terminal 1 at Schiphol Airport is being renewed and renovated. The airport is creating more space to be able to offer more facilities and more travel comfort. DAEL Security has been commissioned by Leidos to provide this new terminal with 21 security lanes, equipped with ClearScan® hand luggage screeners and ProVision 2® body scans. At the end of November 2020, the first lanes will be operational. All lanes will be opened May 2021.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is constantly developing and improving the quality, service and safety of the airport. At this moment they are busy working on an upgrade of Terminal 1. They already built a mezzanine floor, the Lounge will be expanded, routes will be adjusted and the range of shops, restaurants and cafes will be enlarged. The extra space that is created will be used for, among other things, the installation of a new security filter. DAEL Security is commissioned by Leidos to install 21 new security lanes in this filter. These lanes will make the travel process even more comfortable.

Between the two already existing floors, a mezzanine floor is created. In a few months, passengers traveling through Departments 1 who do not have any hold baggage can immediately go through the security check. They can take the newly built stairs or elevators to this floor and do not have to go through the check-in area anymore. The new security filter will consist of 21 security lanes, which is six more than before. In this way, the speed and travel comfort will be expanded considerably.

All these security lanes are equipped with Leidos ClearScan® hand luggage screeners and Leidos ProVision 2® body scans. The 3D CT scans are used to check the hand luggage of the passengers. The contents of the hand luggage can be viewed by the staff in a 360 degrees image. Furthermore, detection algorithms are used to calculate which materials and liquids the hand luggage exactly contains. The significant advantage of these scanners is that all luggage can remain inside of the suitcase or bag. Liquids or electronics do not have to be presented separately, because the scanners can create a 360 degrees image and therefore can exactly see what is inside of the luggage.


Every day thousands of passengers go through these security lanes and therefore the machines need to be able to process thousands of scans per day. DAEL Security not only executes the installation of these new scanners, but also provides the complete service management and maintenance of these assets. In total, DAEL Security maintains more than 80 ClearScans® and 90 ProVisions® at Schiphol only. DAEL has a special Leidos Service Team at Schiphol consisting of 23 employees. This team takes care 24/7 of the project work, service and maintenance of all Leidos assets at Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Eindhoven Airport and Maasvlakte.


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