DAEL Security engineers keep cool heads during Schiphol peak periods

AMSTERDAM – Enormous pressure on the Dutch airports now that their passenger flow is again breaking all records. As usual, Schiphol Airport will take extra measures to ensure that the passenger and freight traffic during the holidays is properly managed. During the busiest period of the year, DAEL Security employees ensure that all scanning and detection systems at our national airport are functioning at their optimum level.

The chaos at Schiphol during the summer months comes at no surprise. Passengers flying to and from the Dutch airports for their summer holidays face the prospect of long delays as they make their way to the gate. Chances are that if you travel from Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport or Rotterdam/The Hague Airport this summer, you walk through a scanner that was put into operation by the Field Service Engineers of DAEL Security. And certainly during these busy periods it is important that these systems continue to work properly. Failure of machinery guarantees a greatly reduced passenger flow. An effective operation of these systems is therefore inherent to an operational and optimally functioning airport.

Schiphol takes additional measures       
A rapid passenger flow is primarily desirable for the coming period. With 12.7 million passengers arriving in and departing from Schiphol this holiday season (7 July to 2 September), which is an increase of 2.4% compared to 2017, their air traffic is again breaking all records. On an annual basis, the airport handles more than 65 million passengers.

For example, 20 percent more staff are employed, and special teams ensure that passenger flows run smoothly. In spite of this, passengers have to ensure they factor these longer queuing times into their travel plans when flying in and out of the airport.

Schiphol Team  
After all, machinery that processes thousands of screenings in a day must be regularly overhauled. Our Schiphol team works day and night to repair malfunctions and carry out maintenance. And that works out well: through preventive maintenance of the machines, they are a lot more effective in use. During the peak periods it became clear that our employees act efficiently and respond to the situations quickly. We are certainly proud of how our employees held up well during this bustling summer period!

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