DAEL Security demonstrates unique handheld X-Ray Imager Heuresis

This week, DAEL Security has held a product demonstration of the Heuresis HBI-120 at its own business premises in Maasdijk. This HBI-120 is a unique handheld backscatter x-ray instrument that enables users to quickly and cost-effectively find concealed explosives, narcotics and other contraband. 

In addition to several DAEL employees, a technical specialist from Heuresis was also present during both days. The demonstration attracted a mixed group of specialist working in the field of customs, judiciary, defense and of the police department. During the day this was used to apply an interactive training method, in which the device was tested for numerous situations and experiences from within the working field. In between the demonstrations, there was room for an introduction of the existing and new innovations within Heuresis. They also spoke about the safety measures for the radiation released during the use of such devices.

About HBI-120    
Heuresis’ HBI-120 is the first-ever handheld x-ray imager that enables customs and border patrol agents and other inspectors to quickly find concealed threats and contraband in motor vehicles, ships, aircraft, steel drums, trash receptacles, mailboxes and other locations. The HBI-120 lets law-enforcement officers, private security personnel and others to quickly inspect abandoned bags and packages for threats without opening them.

More information
The HBI-120 weighs only 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg) and images objects with a miniaturized, internal 120 keV x-ray generator that makes a raster-scanning pencil beam of x-rays to scan objects of interest. As the handheld HBI-120 is moved over the object, a 2- dimensional backscatter x-ray image of the object is displayed in real-time on HBI-120's high-resolution transflective LCD touchscreen and saved in the instrument’s memory.

The HBI-120 has safety interlocks, a built-in video camera and flashlight. The instrument can also be mounted on a robot and operated remotely via USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio control. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios can be disabled for safety purposes.

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