DAEL Security attends DEC C-IED symposium 'The improvising enemy'

SOESTERBERG - "The improvising opponent: a threat without boundaries", with this introduction Major-General Richard Oppelaar opened the DEC C-IED symposium organized by NIDV and the Dutch Defense. The conference took place on 28 March 2018 in the National Military Museum Soesterberg. Almost 150 people participated in the event.

The aim of the event was to strengthen the cooperation between the Dutch Defense and civilian authorities. The symposium was dedicated to the so-called 'Improvised Threats' (the further development of Improvised Explosive Devices). In other words; terrorists are constantly expanding their field of work in the form of advanced techniques that they can use in an unforeseen manner. Therefore, it is no longer just about the IED, but also about the use of these various resources. The unpredictability of these means make 'the enemy' invisible and therefore elusive.

International lecturers from the NIDV, Europol and even the Mayor of Enschede were invited to speak at the symposium. During their talk, they gave an insight of the challenges we face as a society. The rest of the program then brought a deepening to the theme in the form of four workshops.

DAEL Security was also represented at the symposium, where we were given the opportunity to give an insight into some of the solutions with witch IEDs can be intercepted. At our stand, the public got the opportunity to get acquainted with the ETD, SQ H 150 and the HBI-120. The National Military Museum proved to be an excellent location for this. The informative day ended with a drink in the imposing atmosphere of the museum. A very successful day!

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