DAEL Rail completes substation and relay house at Zwolle

ZWOLLE – Commissioned by NoorderSpoort, DAEL Rail realised a substation and relay house at the rail expansion between Zwolle and Herfte. To cope with the increasing rail traffic around Zwolle Station, more space will be created and the rails will be doubled. This extensive project started in 2018 and will be completed in 2022. In the meantime DAEL Rail completed the substation and relay house as part of the railway infrastructure.

The railways between Zwolle and Herfte are being doubled from two to four to make it possible that more trains can arrive and depart at Zwolle Station. The trains running from and to Emmen and Meppel do not have to wait on each other. In this way Zwolle Station will be used more efficient as transfer station. Part of constructing the railway infrastructure was the realisation of a substation and relay house. DAEL Rail has been appointed to realise this by NoorderSpoort Zwolse Alliantie Zwaluw, a cooperation between VolkerWessels and ProRail.

NoorderSpoort started this extensive project in 2018 and in 2019 it was time to rebuild the railway infrastructure. In this phase DAEL Rail started its activities and began with the realisation of the substation. The main function of this building is converting the high voltage (10.000 V) to DC voltage (1.500 V) to subsequently distribute this electricity and connect it to the catenary system. DAEL Rail took care of the engineering, excavation work, foundation, basement, superstructure and building-related installations and delivered the substation turnkey. After the realisation of the substation our engineers started building the relay house a stone’s throw from the substation.


A relay house houses the relay security of the railway infrastructure. DAEL Rail took care of the construction of the building and the electrical installations inside of the building. At first the cable basement, concrete floor, and the wall and roof panels were placed and subsequently our engineers installed the climate control equipment, grounding, lightning protection, and building-related installations.


Partner company HNL Groep was involved in several stages of the realisation of both buildings. They took care of the grounding and lightning protection of both the substation and relay house to make sure that possible lightning strike does not result in damage to the installations and equipment.


In the design of both constructions the visual quality plan is taken into account. DAEL Rail completed the substation and relay house with the construction of the outer shell. According to plan the whole project will be completed in 2022 and then all rails will become operational.

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