DAEL provides its own Mercedes-Benz vans with a comfort chair

Das beste oder nichts: DAEL is going to provide all its new vans with a special driver's seat. The goal is to significantly improve the driver's seating position.

This so-called "comfort chair" is provided with the adjustment option to fill the space between the knee cavity. The backrest also has an adjustable lumbar support. This in order to give all the engineers more opportunities to put the chair to the personal needs and wishes.

As a pilot, the first seat was changed in an existing van earlier this month. Wojciech Kieronski, a DAEL mechanic, was the first one to try the new comfort chair. He has been driving with the chair for 3 weeks now. Wojciech: 'I work on projects throughout the country. As a mechanic I usually work long days. Normally my back hurts at the end of the day, but the new chair is a big improvement.'

Management has decided to provide all new Mercedes-Benz vans with the new comfort chair. Last week, Nick de Baan (photo) recieved the second DAEL company van with a comfort chair.