DAEL Group welcomes 100th Mercedes-Benz van to its fleet

MAASDIJK - The long-standing cooperation between DAEL Group and Mercedes-Benz Dealer Companies has now reached the 100th Mercedes-Benz van. A festive and symbolic moment confirming both the growth of our company and our confidence in Mercedes-Benz Dealer Companies.

As a company that not only covers a wide range of technical projects but also several countries, our technicians are often on the move to serve all our clients at an optimum level. In our new fleet, the Mercedes-Benz vans are equipped with Euro 6 engines that meet EU's latest emission standards. These engines ensure efficient combustion, paired with low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. The delivery of the renewed Sprinters, therefore, fits in with DAEL's efforts to further reduce its CO2 emissions.

In addition to these Euro 6 engines, the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is equipped with the new Mercedes PRO connectivity and fleet solution. This innovative service intelligently connects our fleet manager, drivers and vehicles with each other and help to increase the efficiency and productivity of our company on a lasting basis.

Besides, MBDB Maasdijk has been supplying and installing our Sortimo interiors during the past year. This means a further unburdening and shortening of the chain. Again, a sign that DAEL has found a sustainable partner in Mercedes-Benz Dealer Companies. The entire process from purchase to maintenance is now fully streamlined. DAEL can once again set new goals in our ambition to further reduce our CO2 emission and will further analyze, evaluate and improve this in the future.

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