DAEL extends camera system at Honderdland Business Park

MAASDIJK - Business Park Honderdland in Maasdijk, The Netherlands, is developing rapidly with the construction of new business premises. Because of the expansion of this area, the camera security system needed extension as well. At the end of 2019 DAEL Data & Electro was asked to provide the new business area with security cameras. In cooperation with DAEL Connectivity and partner company HNL Group the expansion of the security system is completed and in the mean time the furthest location already is fully operational.

 DAEL Data & Electro takes care of the installation of the camera security systems at Honderdland Business Park to make sure the area is well secured. Because of the rapid development of the area new security cameras were needed. This also asked for a data connection; a point-to-point radio transmission was the most effective solution. Partner company HNL Group installed edge protection on the roof of Hotel Westland in Maasdijk, in order that engineers can work safely on this location. Thereafter, DAEL Connectivity realised an ultra-fast network through the air at the business area with a point-to-point radio transmission.


A point-to-point radio transmission is an efficient way to transport data without compromising on speed and data safety. Furthermore, it does not require any excavation work. DAEL Connectivity’s point-to-point transmission connects the security cameras at Honderdland with the servers. The images are being sent and monitored at the NOC (Network Operations Centre) of DAEL Connectivity in Maasdijk. In the meantime, the most remote location at the Business Park already is operational.


Thanks to this cooperation with DAEL Data & Electro, DAEL Connectivity and HNL Group the images of the security cameras are sent to the datacentre fast and efficient. In this way, the new part of Business Park Honderdland is well secured.

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