DAEL Data & Electro completes renovation project Coldenhove

DAEL Data & Electro is currently working on a renovation project for an office building at Coldenhove. But before this company can move into their new settlement, the building still needs to be renovated. Our colleagues take care of the electrical installation as well as the new music-, fire alarm and evacuation system during this renovation period.

DAEL Data & Electro has been busy designing and installing the electrical installation for the new company building since the beginning of January. In addition to the installation of the E-installation, the colleagues also worked hard to complete the other disciplines such as the music, evacuation- and burglary system. And these activities all take place at just steps away from our own office in Maasdijk. 

The renovation project is as good as finished and all electrical installations and the music, evacuation and burglary installation are working. It is now only a matter of solving a few residual points. The project will be delivered at the end of this month.

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