DAEL Connectivity installs temporary mast at Custodial Institutions Agency Veenhuizen

Last Wednesday 18 March at 10 AM DAEL Connectivity received a call from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. They asked for the possibilities for an improved internet connection at the Custodial Institutions Agency Veenhuizen. Due to the Coronavirus detainees are no longer allowed to receive visits and therefor the Custodial Institutions Agency was looking for solutions. DAEL Connectivity is able to offer these solutions and immediately looked for possibilities.

Wednesday afternoon DAEL visited the location to decide what the best solution would be: a 24 meters high temporary mast with two antennas. The same afternoon all required materials have been ordered and Thursday morning everything have been delivered. So that morning all components and fixing materials of the masts were loaded and transported.

Our DAEL Connectivity engineers placed the temporary mast and installed the antennas with the cabling on Friday morning and afternoon. In the evening everything was live and the detainees of the Custodial Institutions Agency Veenhuizen are able to make video calls with their connections.

At the moment the Custodual Institutions Agency can receive 160Mbps 4G signal from the mobile network from a height of 24 meters. At ground level this was not possible in this remote area. This temporary mast has been installed within three days, in part due to the prompt help of lifting platform company Debru and transportation company Corné vd Berg.


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