DAEL and Huawei set up first 5G test site in the Netherlands

GRONINGEN – DAEL Telecom and Huawei have set up a 5G test site at the roof of the University of Groningen with the aim of allowing the students and other collaborators to learn from the work and to showcase their own innovations. This 5G test site has been successfully running for several weeks now. Further tests should provide more insight about enabling a superior network experience and facilitate the rollout of the 5G network in the future.

The 5G network will impact every aspect of society. It will allow the millions of mobile devices to connect faster and better. This will ultimately lead to new applications within a more innovated wireless network. This test site will also help to advance Huawei advantage, by giving the innovators the ability to use the facility and showcase the 5G wireless connectivity in the Netherlands.

DAEL Telecom has been working on the test site since last November. First, the work was carefully scheduled in the office, after which a field team has operated two weeks on site. The first test site was completed and put into service at the end of December.

In December last year, telecom operator Huawei also confirmed it is currently conducting further trials of the emerging mobile technology. These technological innovations, especially 5G innovation, are accelerating our pace towards the better connected world.

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