Awards for team with most efficient drivers

Maasdijk – Our fleet has an important share in the overall CO2 emission of DAEL. In order to reduce this amount of emission, we started an eco-driving competition, called the ‘EcoDrive Challenge’. This appeared to be a fun and efficient way to stimulate our colleagues to drive more economically and in that way reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Last Saturday, the team ‘Green DAEL’ won the award for most efficient driving in Q3 and colleague Wouter Verkade won the award of top 1 eco driver.

The DAEL Group actively makes an effort to reduce the impact on the environment with its activities. One way of doing this is by starting an internal eco-driving competition. The ‘EcoDrive Challenge’ motivates colleagues to drive as efficient as possible, because every quarter of the year there are gadgets to win. There are sixteen competing teams and they all do their best to become the top team. At the end of the year one team wins the top prize: a money prize for all team members and, on top of it, a visit to the Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany. With this approach, not only eco-friendly driving is promoted, but the competitional aspect also helps us fulfil our sustainable ambitions.

The mobility platform called ‘ULU’ keeps track of the driving style of every driver in our fleet. All rides get a score based on fuel consumption, driving speed, driving style, etc. Everty quarter of the year the teams can win prizes. In the end, the team with the highest average of all ride scores wins.

The challenge started this January and already appears to be really successful. The results show that everyone is working on their style of driving and the amount of fuel already decreased in comparison with last year. Every month, the teams receive an update which shows the actual ranking and provides the team with an extra advice on driving more economically. These updates keep the competition going. For the third quarter of the year, it was a close call between the top teams, but eventually the team ‘Green DAEL’ won the first prize: a solar charger for every team member. In the coming months the teams will compete for the top prize which will be awarded at the end of the year.