A triple celebration: graduation of first DAEL Talents, interns, and DAEL Power Engineers

Last Friday we had a celebration with all DAEL employees that received their diploma. Unfortunately, a grand graduation celebration was not possible, so this we be rescheduled on a later date. But this celebratory moment cannot go unnoticed. Therefore our Managing Director Jeroen van Leeuwen treated our graduated on cake last Friday and our  Education Coordinator Diana van der Kaaij received a bouquet as a thank you. Congratulations to all!

Graduation of first DAEL Talents
Three years ago, our first group of DAEL Talent students started and we are proud to announce that these Talents graduated! The last few years they followed the working and learning course called DAEL Talent. The Talents worked on real projects and were supervised by experienced engineers four days per week and followed lessons at our location in Maasdijk one day a week. In this way they are educated by DAEL, in cooperation with ROC Mondriaan, as electrical engineer level mbo 3. Some of them continue their education at DAEL to become a technician level mbo 4. One of them continues working for DAEL permanently, he will be working for DAEL Security on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Education Coordinator Diana van der Kaaij: "Three years ago we started the DAEL Talent working and learning course in cooperation with ROC Mondriaan. In the last few years we learned and professionalised a lot. I take great pride in our DAEL Talents who are the first students receiving their diploma electrical engineering!"

Three interns finishing their studies at DAEL
A few months ago three interns started at DAEL for their graduate internship technician engineering: two followed their internship at DAEL Data & Electro and one at DAEL Security. During their internship period they worked on several projects in electrical engineering. In the meantime they all finished their studies and received their diplomas. We are happy to announce that all three of them will be working for DAEL as graduated technicians.

Diploma for two DAEL Power Engineers
Two Engineers from DAEL Power followed a study while working fulltime. They also graduated and received their well-earned mbo diploma. On behalf of DAEL, congratulations to all our graduated!

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