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DAEL Power helps during major blackout after accident with Apache-helicopter

All houses and businesses in Culemborg have their power back after a major power blackout on Monday evening. The malfunction was caused by an Apache-helicopter flying low during an exercise. About 24.000 households in and around the city of Culemborg therefore spend a full evening without electricity. DAEL Power helped the affected city and used aggregates to power the mobile transmission masts. 

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Press release 05-09-2017: DAEL opens a new establishment in Belgium

MAASDIJK – DAEL Telecom and DAEL Security have received the keys to the premises of the new joint venture in Zaventem, Belgium. From this location, they will deliver Security and Telecommunication services to clients in Belgium and Luxembourg. The property, consisting of 350m² of storage with 500m² of office, is the sixth establishment of DAEL to open its doors.

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DAEL Data & Electro starts with electrical installation shopping mall Koningshoek

DAEL Data & Electro has been working on renovating the current building of Koningshoek Shopping Mall in Maassluis for more than 2,5 years now. Since December last year it is known that DAEL will also provide the electrical installation in the newly constructed facilities. On April 18, the contract between DAEL and principal contractor Van Mierlo was officially signed. The roof has now been closed and therefore work has started in the new phase.

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DAEL update: rollout KPN smartmeters and new energy connections

The collaborative project between DAEL, Westland Infra and KPN for the conversion of landlord to own connections and replacement of old kWh meters for new 'smart' measuring equipment is currently terminated. A great opportunity to gain insight into this project.

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