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DAEL Data & Electro completes renovation project Coldenhove

DAEL Data & Electro is currently working on a renovation project for an office building at Coldenhove. But before this company can move into their new settlement, the building still needs to be renovated. Our colleagues take care of the electrical installation as well as the new music-, fire alarm and evacuation system during this renovation period.

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DAEL Data & Electro completes renovation works Ruitenburg Maassluis

This month, Ruitenburg advisors & accountants reopened their fully renovated office in Maassluis. The renovation of the building located at Industrieweg has now been completed and the building itself has a completely new look. Ruitenburg commissioned DAEL Data & Electro to carry out the entire electrical installation as well as the lighting and data installation.

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DAEL opens doors to new tech talent!

A correct choice of study is essential for a successful study career. To determine whether the DAEL Talent course ties in with your expectations and capacities, students were invited for our first Open Day on 10 February. Interested students got the chance to meet the teachers and future colleagues and get a taste of the atmosphere. But there was also room for critical questions and we talked with the students about their future at DAEL. Because choosing a new school is not easy!

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DAEL Rail and the Hoekse Lijn project: Everything you need to know

MAASDIJK – The Hoekse Lijn project is a much-discussed subject within the western metropolitan area. Where MRDH’s investment was first publicly applauded, this has now been a source of great annoyance among travellers who are now forced to use alternative transport. Setbacks with the software and soil on site caused a delay in the conversion. Yet, it is a project where our colleagues have been working hard for months now. This article contains everything to catch you up on the latest news and planning of this special project.

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