Meet EU Standard 2 requirements with L-3’s powerful, compact automated explosives detection system.

L-3's VIS hold-baggage inspection technology is one of the most widely accepted screening platforms of its kind. With advanced detection capability and high-resolution imaging, the best-in-class VIS-HR is an exceptional choice for screening operations that require EU Standard 2 explosives detection performance in a space-saving footprint. The multilevel VIS-HR automatically alerts operators to the presence of explosives and provides image analysts with thedata they need to render Level 2 decisions while continuing to screen luggage without impeding baggage flow and sortation. Capable of processing up to 1,800 bags per hour, the fast, accurate and reliable VIS-HR meets the most demanding throughput and detection requirements. Customers can extend the life of their installed base, reduce capital investment and enhance their security by easily upgrading from the VIS-108 to the VIS-HR in the field.

Imaging features

  • Transparent ColorTM for greater detail, even in cluttered images
  • TRI-MAT organic/inorganic stripping
  • Pseudo-color overlay
  • Continuously variable contrast adjustment
  • Edge enhancement • 2X, 4X, 8X electronic zoom
  • Reverse video

Standard features

  • Meets EU Standard 2
  • 1,800 bag-per-hour throughput
  • 0.525 m/sec belt speed
  • 100 cm wide by 80 cm high (39.4” x 31.5”) tunnel opening
  • Automatically adjusts to screen out- of-gauge items up to 250 cm (98.4”) long
  • Compatible with existing VIS and MVT-HR matrix installations
  • Smallest footprint and lightest weight of any EU Standard 2-compliant system
  • Scatter Detection Enhancement (SDE) technology
  • 12-bag memory per Level 2 workstation / 24-bag memory per Level 3 workstation
  • Programmable operator time-out

Optional features

  • Threat Image Projection * Additional operator workstations
  • Seamless Image Archiving

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